Steel Mill Linings

Mining Products and Service

Mining Products and Service (MPS) has over 25 years experience in steel mill linings. MPS personnel have extensive experience in the manufacture of engineered components for grinding mills, having operated large steel and iron
foundries both in Australia and Internationally. This experience ensures we can provide practical quality control of the manufacturing process
and we currently provide third party quality control services for various engineering companies.


We have trained, experienced professionals that provide supervision of all MPS Mill Lining Systems Installations.

steel mill linings

Wear Monitoring

By conducting regular inspection of mill linings MPS are able to monitor wear rates, estimate required change out dates and offer solutions to increase efficiency of linings. All data is recorded into our secure online servers and accessible through the MinCal wear management customer portal.

Lining System Design

Lining systems are designed specifically to suit individual customer requirements and process conditions. MPS perform calculations and simulations based on power draw, slurry flow, trajectory and throughput to ensure that our Lining Systems are designed to offer maximum benefit to our customers.